How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills?

Hello everyone, I am Iliriano and I am going to share a big issue most men face while having bedtime with their girlfriends. Most people failed to satisfy the sexual desires of their female counterparts just because of a small and pulpy penis.  A basic question “how to make your penis bigger without pills” comes to mind after having similar issues. Have you ever faced these issues? Well, you can use your penis to grow faster without using any pills. There are several natural exercises and practices to achieve this goal. Good news is, there are useful practices for enlargement and overall muscle growth. Let’s see how to make your penis bigger in a natural way.

Step #1: Measure Penis Size:

Measure Penis SizeBefore you start extending penis size, it is important to measure the penis size. There are two basic states such as erect state and flaccid state. Make a logbook to note the gain. Write down all the digits when you measure the penis size. Measure the size 12 times a year (once per month). Measuring the size on a daily basis leads to mistakes and confusions. This may also create disappointment and discouragement.

What is Flaccid Length?

Everyone using penis enlargement exercises first observe a gain in flaccid length. There are certain protocols to measure the flaccid length. Always measure the penis from the side while standing straight and maintain the penis in a parallel state to ground. Now place rule next to penis in parallel. Measure it from tip and note the reading in inches or centimeters.

Measure Erect Length:

In contrast to flaccid length, most people love to see an increase in erect length. Again, measure the penis from side to get an accurate length. The average size of penis according to modern research is 6 to 6.25 inches. It is necessary to make your penis harder in order to get the true erect length. Start measuring penis by holding it in one hand while keeping a ruler in next hand. Note the reading from penis tip and write down on your logbook.

Measure the Flaccid And Erect Girth:

Before you see how to make your penis bigger without pills, it is necessary to note the flaccid and erect girth. Use the same procedure as mentioned above but this you will keep a measuring tape rather than a ruler.

Prepare for Penis Enlargement Workout:

Penis Enlargement WorkoutThere are some easy steps to keep in mind. Remember these steps before you start penis enlargement.

  • Improve the testosterone level and mental concentration to achieve the best results.
  • Cut the pubic hair regularly to measure penis size accurately.
  • Avoid lubricants such as artificial products, oils, and chemicals.
  • Avoid masturbation and enlargement exercise right after it.
  • Warm-up penis before starting any exercise.

Significant Factors for Enlargement Exercises:

Are you thinking how to make your penis bigger without pills? Well, focus on these steps to stimulate the results.

  • Improve water intake. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water. Avoid beverages, alcohol and other artificial sugars.
  • Don’t go close to heavy meals. Prefer high fiber and low-fat foods. Include fresh fruits and vegetables rather than fast foods.
  • Keep your mind stress-free. Don’t take stress as it is directly damaging for the penis health.
  • Include cardio exercises for 30 minutes at least. These exercises improve blood circulation, minimize fat storage and reduce blood clots.

Warm-Up Exercise:

This is a simple exercise. Just immerse the penis in a hot water tub for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Keep the penis under the faucet of a bathtub. Dry the penis with a hot towel. It will relax the penis and improve blood circulation.  Now stretch the penis multiple times. Continue this exercise for several repeats.

Cool Down Exercise:

This is an ending exercise. Perform the cool down exercise one you finish the enlargement practice. Start with hot water but gradually lower the temperature by mixing cold water. This provides soothing effects, especially if stretching (as done above) creates swelling.

Start Stretching Again:

Now your penis is ready for intensive stretching. Gently stretch the Corpora Cavernosa which is a spongy tissue. This will increase the pocket size of spongy tissue improving blood circulation in flaccid and erect form. Six types of stretches including straight out, down, up, left, right and rotate in full circle. Complete at least 3 to 5 reps of all these stretches. This practice will show good results in stamina and performance.


This is also called the milking technique. Those who want to increase penis size also want an increase in girth. Jelqing is one of the greatest techniques for penis size improvement. Make a sign of “OK” with your hand and insert the penis in “O.” Masturbate until penis comes to semi-erect form. Change the hand if you feel tired. Lubrication is essential but only natural ones. Complete at least 20 replications of this workout once per day.

Whole Hand Stretches:

It is an advanced version of simple stretching. The whole hand stretching enables the user to wrap the entire penis in a hand, Let the penis head free. Warm up the penis and stretch gently. Complete several reps at least two times a day.

Two Handed Jelq:

As mentioned above, jelqing is a useful technique but there is a need to use another modified variant. The two handed jelq is an exercise which helps to trap more blood in the penis. This is an excellent technique to jelq the penis.

Penis Pumps:

These are getting more fame nowadays. Penis pump is a device based on ideas of different penis enlargement exercises. It is a suction pump which creates a vacuum to increase penis size. In a broad sense, a penis pump can answer how to make your penis bigger without pills in the best way.


A pleasuring and satisfying sex experience depends on numerous things. Physical & mental presence of a couple, hard & erect penis, longer sexual stamina and powerful strokes as desired by the female partner are some prime factors in this game. Trying these natural time-saving exercises will help men to see a big difference in penis size and performance. These exercises are 100 % useful and safe for men overall health