Jes-Extender Review – Does It Work to Enlarge Your Penis Safely?

When it comes to sex and things related to sexual intercourse one of the main concerns is if I am pleasing my partner as I should. And does size really matter, after all?

It looks like that size does matter for women. According to an extensive study which was published by the University of California, women claimed that the ideal size of the penis is about 16 cm or just over 6.3 inches. However, on the other hand, other studies have estimated that the average size of the penis worldwide is about 13 cm or 5.2 inches. Does this mean that we have a problem and then women want a bigger penis?

If you are among those who worry about the size of their penis and want to have a bigger one, penis extender devices just like Jes-Extender might be the right thing for you. Continue reading this Jes-Extender review and learn everything you need to know.

What is Jes-Extender?

Jes extender review buyJes-Extender is one of the most popular devices when it comes to male enhancement. It is also a high-quality product, effective as well as it has been classified as the type 1 medical device. It also has the European CE mark, which means that the product meets all the required standards of the European Union. If you are worried about the safety and the risk of using penis extender devices, there is no need to worry when it comes to Jes-Extender. There are 6 different packages available, the Jes-Extender Original, the Jes-Extender Light, the Jes-Extender Silver, the Jes-Extender Gold, the Jes-Extender Platinum, and the Jes-Extender Titanium. Make sure to choose carefully the package that you think best suits you and your needs.

What are the main features of Jes-Extender?

From many products of the same category which are available on the market today, it is sometimes hard to make the right decision and choose that product which will suit you best. Here are some of the main features of Jes-Extender which you should consider:

  • More than 20 years of presence in the market
  • Manufactured and assembled in Denmark
  • It has been classified as a type 1 medical device
  • It is a certified penis extender from the European Union with CE certification
  • It is currently in the registration process of FDA
  • It has been clinically studied with well-documented results
  • It is built from high-quality materials
  • It is used by physiotherapists and recommended by the medical community not only for penis enlargement but also for the treatment of hypoplasia, ED, penile curvature, etc.
  • The results are permanent
  • It does not interfere with your daily activities, etc.

How to use Jes-Extender?

Before using Jes-Extender for the first time it is very important to carefully read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. You need to wear the penile tractor device by making sure that it is placed in its correct position. Once it is placed correctly and you feel comfortable you should make sure to attach it to the penis so it does not slip or move. After you have correctly placed it based on the instruction manuals you can determine which program suit you best and which program to start.

The results will depend on the total time you wear the device, but you should start slowly and increase the traction force gradually.

How does Jes-Extender work?

Jes Extender is a traction device which works by creating a constant tension and stretch to your penis and allowing it to increase in size this way. When the tension and traction is applied constantly and for a long time the tissue will start expanding by creating micro tears. Once these micro tears are formed, the tissue will start repairing itself by dividing the cells and increasing the cell mass.

Over time the cell mass will increase, meaning that the size of the penis will increase as well in the most natural way. A good thing is that what is gained will remain there permanently.

Does Jes-Extender really work?

Yes, yes, yes. Jes-Extender really works and the best thing is that its results are permanent. However, in order to get the best results from using this penile traction device, it is very important to carefully read the Jes Extender instruction manual and know how to correctly use it.

What results can you expect (before and after)?

As with any other male enhancement device, the Jes-Extender won’t make miracles during the night. You have to be patient and to wear the device every day as recommended by the manufacturer before the desired results are achieved. Make sure to wear this device for at least 3 hours a day, increasing the time of use gradually up to 6 and later 12 hours a day. It is claimed yo increase the size of your penis by 24%. Why not give it a try?

Is Jes-Extender permanent?

Just like any other traction device, Jes-Extender penis enlargement device offers permanent results. What you will gain down there from all the hard work for weeks and months will remain there. However, if you discontinue its use within the 6-month time frame the results are less likely to be effective. The longer you use this device, the better results you will see.

Over time you can discontinue using Jes-Extender, once you have gained the desired penis size but may sure to keep your penis active in order for the cells to remain active.

What are possible side effects?

There are no side effects when it comes to Jes-Extender. You will have no effects on your fertility, stamina urination or erection.

Packages and price

Jes Extender packages

If you have decided to purchase Jes-Extender then there are some options for you to choose.

Jes-Extender Light comes with an online instructional video, a silicone tube which is transparent, a comfort strap, as well as a 2-year warranty. One thing you should note before purchasing this product is that it can only be used in penis sizes up to 17 cm. The price of Jes-Extender Light at their official website is $199.00

Jes-Extender Original is one of the best-selling products. It comes with a mahogany case, a front piece comfort strap, a silicone. Tube which is transparent, a comfort strap, set of keys, as well as instructional videos which are accessible online. There is also a 2-year warranty in case of any problems with the device. One thing you should note before purchasing this product is that it can only be used in penis sizes up to 24 cm or 9.1 inches. The price of Jes-Extender Original at their official website is $229.99

Jes-Extender Titanium package includes a set of keys, a silicone tube which is transparent, a comfort strap, an extra set of 1/2 inch elongation bars. 2-year warranty and access to online instructional videos are also included. One thing you should note before purchasing this product is that it can only be used in penis sizes up to 24 cm. The price of Jes-Extender Titanium at their official website is $249.99

Jes-Extender Silver made of pure sterling silver comes with a comfort strap, a transparent silicone tube, a set of keys, a cohesive gauze, and an extension kit, as well as, access to online instructional video and a 2-year warranty. The price of Jes-Extender Silver at their official website is $299.99

Jes-Extender Gold is made of gold, specifically 24 carat gold and comes with a comfort strap, a velcro strap, a transparent silicone tube, a set of keys, as well as, access to online instructional video and a 2-year warranty. The price of Jes-Extender Gold at their official website is $349.99

Jes-Extender Platinum is made of pure platinum and comes with a certificate, as well as a 2 year-warranty. Other accessories include a comfort strap, a transparent silicone tube, a set of keys, an extension kit, and a cohesive gauze. The price of Jes-Extender Platinum at their official website is $1,000.00

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, of course. Jes-Extender offers a double money back guarantee  within the first 12 months after purchasing the device, but you have to prove that you have used it for at least 1,000 hours and that you did not have a success.

Where can I buy Jes-Extender?

If you decide to buy something you should always buy it from their official website and Jes   Extender penis enlarger is no exception. If you have decided to give it a try then buy online at their official website.

jes-extender visit official websiteA discreet packaging guarantees secrecy so there is nothing for you to worry about. International customers should also keep in mind that they are responsible for all duties, taxes or any other tariffs which might be imposed by their regulatory agencies.

Jes-Extender user reviews

Costumers all over the world are satisfied with Jes-Extender. Here are some Jes-Extender before and after results from around the internet based and customer reviews:

Jason: “I have been using it for 2 months now and so far I have gained 1/2 inch. It worked wonders for me.”

Robert: “What I like about this product is that it is clinically tested and recommended by doctors. I have a problem with ED and just started using Jes-Extender. Let’s wait and see but I can notice some improvement in the bedroom. I am more confident too.”

Alen: “The product is really of high quality and comfortable to use. So far I am satisfied but just started using it. I will write another review after 6 months with the first results”

Jim: “I am not a type of person that likes to write reviews but I had to share my experience with Jes-Extender. I have some good things to say, but some bad things as well. I have been using this divide for about 3 months now and I can see that it is effective. I have been noticing some changes down there but it’s too early to give results. I will have to wait and see how much I will gain in size after 6 months of use. A bad thing is that you have to wear this device a lot and it’s not noticeable by others only if you wear loose pants.”

Mark: “It worked for me. I decided to purchase the Jes-Extender Original package which is also the most sold product compared to other packages and after using it for about 8 months now I can say for sure that my penis is bigger and stronger. I also had a problem with penis curvature which is also improved as well. I recommend Jes-Extender to everyone and there are a couple of packages available on their official website for you to choose.”

Recommendations: Why Should You Choose Jes-Extender?

In the end here are some pros and cons which you should take into consideration before purchasing Jes-Extender:


  • It comes in a discreet packaging
  • Comfortable to use
  • You can get some good discount if you purchase the product from their official website


  • This penile extender is a little bit expensive
  • Discomfort of a certain level is possible for first-time users
  • You won’t see the result overnight. You should be very patient and committed to using it on a regular basis and eventually, you will notice improvement on the length of your penis.
  • High traction tension can sometimes lead to damage of the tissues and cells of your penis. Use it carefully and as recommended.

jes-extender visit official website