How to Increase Libido: Essential Oils for Sex Drive

Exhausted of a low sex drive? There are thousands with you facing the same issue. According to medical and health surveys, more than 31 % of men and 43 % of women face various sexual dysfunctions. So…yeah, it is really common! Are you taking interest in different natural ways to push your or your partner’s sex drive? You can turn it into an overdrive with the help of essential oils for sex drive. Trust me; these are essential oils for sex drive improvement.

Low libido or low sex drive is a common problem. Several authentic studies are present to explain the reasons of low libido. Men or women interested to study these reasons should check the following points.

Hormone Deficiency:

boost sex driveTestosterone is one of the most essential body hormones. It is a key factor for sexual desire. It also assists both men and women to have more sensation and lubrication in genital organs. On the other hand, estrogen is another hormone which has a key role to boost sex drive. Abnormal reduction in these hormones may cause dryness in the vagina and a significant decrease in clitoral blood flow. This will kill the sex drive in a bad way.


Some experts believe that there is no significant impact of increasing age on low libido. Sex drive may decrease at any age especially during the menopause in more than 40 % women. On the other hand, men may experience it at any age especially after 45 years.

Stress & Anxiety:

Whether you have stress from education, job, business or family, you will experience low libido. In contrast, a happy mood, healthy and comfortable mind state supports the long-lasting performance in bed.


One of the main causes of low sex drive is the muscular fatigue. Human body has several senses. The sexual excitement or desire depends on muscular strength. For example, if you want to have sex but your genital organs don’t get ready for it. This is a bad condition which is a clear sign of low sex drive.

Why Using Essential Oils For Sex Drive?

No matter the basic cause of low libido, there are several advantages of applying essential oils to boost the sex drive in a few seconds. Here are some basic reasons.

Essential oils are natural: Applying essential oils is a risk-free and natural cure. You can start it any day or any time.

No doctor or consultancy required: There is no need to see any physician or to get a prescription. Most men and women shy when they share sexual issues even with mediators. Essential oils are a best solution for them.

Immediate functioning: Yes, these start functioning immediately. Apply the oils and you will feel the excitement.

Zero side effects: Men and women can freely use essential oils. There is no side effect of using these natural oils. You are going to have a natural, healthy and exciting sex life.

These contain Safe Chemicals: No doubt, most essential oils have chemicals but these are not harmful. These are only to maintain the solution form ready to use. However, you must keep these essential oils away from kids.

What are Benefits of Essential Oils for Sex Drive?

Understanding the role of essential oils to improve sex drive is important. Both males and females require sexual excitement and they will need a cure if there is any problem. Try to fix the low libido issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may disturb your physical as well as family life. Here is how essential oils can do the best job to save your relationship.

Keep you Happy:

Applying essential oils before starting sex will revitalize your mood. It will give you a sense of happiness. Whether you are tired or stressed because of any reason, this simple application can bring you in an energetic mood. This is secret of performing best with high confidence.

Restore Self-Confidence:

I mentioned a term “high confidence” in the last sentence of paragraph above. It is very important to keep your confidence level high. Starting sexual intercourse with a bad mood and low confidence will not allow you to perform well. Using essential oils will give you self-confidence to satisfy your partner.

Intensify the Feelings:

Remember, essential oils have a basic job to intensify the personal feelings. Yes, I am talking about sexual desire. Use these oils as a low sex drive cure as it enables the couples to have an enjoyable experience. They will feel more energetic and romantic within a few seconds.

Heighten the Level of Sensitivity:

Do you want to have a pleasurable touch? During foreplay, couples (men or women) love to feel every touch with high pleasure. It is directly related to your mental and physical status. If you fulfill all important prerequisites as I discussed above then each touch will be a pleasurable touch.

Enjoy your Natural Lubrication:

hersolution gelAre you ready to kick in? Try to get wet properly. Don’t try it in hurry. You have enough time to enjoy your night. Let the things get wet with the help of foreplay. Those who use essential oils usually enjoy foreplay and they want to continue it as long as possible. Would you like to buy the best one? Couples searching for the best essential oils should check the features of Hersolution Gel. It has following notable benefits for sex drive.

  • Gives you an augmenting sexual excitement.
  • Impacts on your foreplay enjoyment.
  • Improves the natural lubrication release.
  • Keeps couple fully wet, slippery and warm.
  • Only one application keeps couples in a state of orgasmic climax for longer.


A healthy and pleasurable sex experience gives you a new life. Men or women with low sex drive feel real disappointment in this matter. Impressive solutions are available here. They can improve sex drive by using various natural ways. I recommend using essential oils for sex drive especially the Hersolution Gel. Try this amazing natural compound and enjoy the best sexual experience with zero side effects.

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